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Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Costs

Vanuatu Citizenship costs. Perhaps the most important question besides the other advantages of the Vanuatu citizenship program is the question of the costs. There are different types of costs in this point. Rather, the costs depend on the type of investment you prefer. If you only want to become a citizen and you do not plan for further investment (business investment) or real estate acquisition, the costs are very low. In this case, we recommend that you consider the possibility of a donation. The cost for this starts at 140,000 USD if you are a single person. If you want to involve your entire family in this type of investment, each family member incurs extra costs.


The examples below give you an overview of the investment opportunities and their respective costs. These costs refer to the application by an individual and by a family. Final costs will be quoted based on case to case basis after deduction of any discounts or promotions.


Application Name Fees
Single applicant USD$150,000
Married couple USD$170,000
Married couple with one child under 18 years old USD$185,000
Married couple with two children under 18 years old USD$200,000
Passport application (per person) USD$250
Citizenship Commission Fees Fees
Citizenship Commission application fee (per application) USD$250
Certificate fee (per application) USD$250
Due Diligence Fee Fee
Fee per application USD$3,500
Additional Application Fees for larger families Fees
Each additional child USD$15,000
Each dependent child of 18 to 25 years old USD$15,000
Each dependent adult over 65 years old USD$15,000
Optional fees for overseas ceremony Fee
Air travel and accommodation for 2 people USD$5,000***


*A family application includes two married adults and two children under 18 years old. Additional children, older children, dependent adults over 65 years old require additional fees. Due Diligence Fee and price for individual passports are not included. Our professional fees are not included in the above pricing.
**Fees are set by law. Contact us for more details. Any discounts are offered on our professional fees.
***Exact cost will vary depending on your location.

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