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Social Responsibility is an honourable thinking of serving the community without any personal interests. It is just for the sake of delivering benefits to the community to maintain the balance between the masses, doing charitable and social work, creating opportunities as well as saving the environment.

M-R Solicitors are highly concerned about the critical situation of the environment and society, and we are committed to facing the difficulties and vibrant situations we may face in performing our social responsibilities. It is a part of our successful strategies that we are handling our business along with Social responsibilities, which is a part of our vision and we are glad that we are successful in achieving our goals. We aim to provide the support required for the survival of the people who are living their lives below the minimum level, the less fortunate and needy people all over the world.

"We endeavour to provide a safe environment for all of our staff and for all of our clients. We ensure our staff members have an excellent working environment and are encouraged for ongoing and continued professional development. We use an appraisal system in which key performance indicators are followed and staff development is concentrated upon. We provide our staff with the most up to date technology available to our profession, enabling them to take the time to be supportive and provide the most efficient and cost effective services available to our clients."

We provide an efficient, customer-focused and friendly service to our clients. We have a growing customer base and effective workforce which is good for our local and wider community. We are fair to staff, offering a consistently respectful and supportive environment in which to work and where careers can blossom. Our business practices are ethical and we ensure our business partners and suppliers share our vision.

"As a company we are eco-aware and have adopted a green policy which we review on a regular basis, to ensure we put the environment first which benefits all in our company; our staff, clients and the local and wider community".

At all times we seek to build positive relationships with the local and wider community. We constantly review the service and support we provide our clients with, in order to provide a consistently high level of service. Equally we constantly review and work on minimizing our environmental impact and strive to pass the message onto staff and clients alike so that everyone is aware of their carbon footprint with a view to taking the message with them wherever they may be, in our office, in the local community, in the wider community or at home.

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